Polonsky's performance was pure poetry.

Rutland Herald

...Eloquent interpretations -- notably by pianist Anna Polonsky, who awes.

The Wall Street Journal

When I think back on these performances with admiration and gratitude, I cringe at the thought of ranking the performances, and that is by no means necessary or even appropriate. However, I and some others were deeply moved by Anna Polonsky’s performances. Her playing was large in scale, rich in tone, broad and flexible in tempo, and, above all, profoundly heartfelt. She approached the pieces... as if they were tone poems narrating human experiences as evolving emotional states. She had absorbed this music until she was able to identify with it as her own experience and psyche. This was a level of musicianship few of even the Chopin masters of past generations ever achieved.


New York Arts

What hit me first... was the tremendous beauty of Polonsky’s piano playing... Polonsky is a most impressive performer.

The Arts Fuse

Mozart is difficult to play well, as it is incredibly precise and nuanced, and Polonsky proved an excellent Mozart pianist. Polonsky played with elegance, clarity, and lyrical expressiveness. In short, she 'sang' the lines through her piano, which, given Mozart's operatic style, was perfect. Her subtle heartfelt rubato added expressiveness without exaggerating the crystalline phrases.

Rutland Herald

A wonderful, sensitive player.

Santa Barbara News-Press

This work could only hope to be tackled by performers with a mastery of technique and consummate depth of artistry; ... Polonsky displayed both, and the results were astonishing to hear

Oregon Music News

Anna Polonsky's sound is so charismatic that she shines throughout.

Audiophile Audition

The real musical highlight of the evening, though, may have been the Mendelssohn Sextet in D Major for Piano, Violin, Two Violas, Cello and Double Bass, a piece of great complexity and feeling, played brilliantly by pianist Anna Polonsky, who negotiated its treacherous passages with great dexterity while staying inside the atmosphere created by the strings. A tricky feat, really, especially at these thrilling speeds.

Portland Arts Watch

Artist of warmth and insight... with a natural musicality and a flowing line...

Times Argus

...played with dazzling virtuosity by Anna Polonsky.

The San Francisco Chronicle

Pianist Anna Polonsky introduced the first theme in a pensive, detached manner, as though recalling a distant memory. But as the music accelerated, she displayed a flawless technique, had a fine sense of the work's longer line, and absolutely devoured the brilliant presto theme and its decorative galloping octaves with ease and conviction.

The Buffalo News

…Polonsky was … consistently captivating, especially in transitions. In her fingers, a chromatic scale or a single chord held and released could become tantalizing or profound. She was equally convincing in music that called for delicacy… and that demanded heft.

The Washington Post

Guest artist Anna Polonsky then joined the orchestra and maestro… for a riveting account of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major. The petite pianist displayed brilliant technique throughout the complex piece, especially in the speedy outer movements. Her lighter-than-air touch captured the buoyancy and humor of the two allegros, then lent a hushed delicacy to the heart-stopping beauty of the famous andante. The pianist’s interplay with the strings and woodwinds was captivating here, as was the ballerina-like grace of her physical movements.

The Springfield News-Leader

Bright, freerunning and spontaneous...

The Buffalo News

Pianist Anna Polonsky was delicate of touch but strong of character. Hers was a virtually flawless performance, with just the right sense of melodic flow and balanced grace.

The New York Sun

...a chamber musician of exceptional refinement. Mozart's Piano Trio in G (K. 496), which opened the concert, provided further evidence of Ms. Polonsky's appealing touch and compelling interpretive skills.

The New York Times

Ms. Polonsky, a strong, sure partner, played with fluid clarity. The ear was drawn to the piano... Ms. Polonsky is someone to watch.

The New York Times

...Polonsky played... with extraordinary finesse...

The Southern Pines Pilot

Polonsky conjured up a broad kaleidoscope of keyboard color throughout the performance.

Classical Voice of North Carolina

...Polonsky's playing was... lively, assertive, and all-around interesting...

The Washington Post

A delightfully aimless cadenza was one of countless interpretive gems in Polonsky's performance

The Columbus Dispatch

...Ms. Polonsky ably dispatched the brilliant passagework and nicely captured the music's audacious spirit. ...[The] impressive young Russian... played... with sweep, color and authority, and the entire performance was vibrant and exciting.

The New York Times

...Gorgeously played by the pianist Anna Polonsky

The New York Times

Speaking of young musicians, Anna Polonsky was the pianist here, and she played very well, as she conditions you to expect. Russian-born, and a product of the Curtis Institute of Philadelphia, Ms. Polonsky is poised, skillful, and sensitive. In the Durufle, she produced interesting colors, in part because she pedaled wisely.

The New York Sun

It has been a long time since I heard playing so poetic and sincere, such satisfactory realization of the intentions of the most stylistically dissimilar composers. In contrast to many young pianists, who use the piano as a predominantly bombastic and noisy instrument intended for the demonstration of "divine" virtuosity, Anna Polonsky doesn't "herald" but rather speaks, relates to the piano not as to a percussion instrument, but as to a lyrical and singing conversation-partner, extracting sounds of astounding beauty. This must be a long-forgotten style of piano performance. The subtlest phrasing, the ability to think intonationally, i.e. feeling the "character" of every phrase, showed even in the little sonatas of the 18-century Spaniard Antonio Soler, which opened the evening's program, then in a Schubert sonata, Mozart pieces -- and so on till the end of the program. I have to confess that I was overcome by a sudden pang of jealousy: it felt a little unjust that such a young girl can demonstrate such heartfelt, mature, and natural manner of playing, which is difficult to achieve even in middle age, and which reminded me of the manner and style of the wonderful Bella Davidovich...
I am sorry for those people who didn't come to the concert of Anna Polonsky,..they had missed out on a lot.

Saratovskaya Oblastnaya Gazeta (Saratov Region Newspaper)

Polonsky had... just the right touch. Seen as a whole, Polonsky's performance was a masterpiece of classical grace. She sculpted every trill into a miniature work of art, which would have pleased Beethoven... It was a very satisfying performance, all around.

The Buffalo News

...Thoroughly thoughtful and sensitive... My strong guess is that [Polonsky] is incapable of erring in her solid expertise and superior musicianship.

The New York Concert Review

Polonsky commanded attention with her uncanny ability to play multiple voices with different timbres... and the unerring tidiness of her scale and arpeggio work.

The Bryan - College Station Eagle

...The Russian pianist was the soloist in Mozart's Concerto No. 19: her clear and transparent touch, her dynamic and finely persuasive play, revealed the temperament and the sensibility of a true Mozartian...

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