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March 16, 2019 / US
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March 13, 2018
Thomas Sheldon MD / Longwood Symphony Boston
Thank you, Anna, for an extraordinary performance of the Beethoven Piano Concerto #1. To say we were impressed by your skill and musicality, is an understatement. At our core, we are a group of healthcare providers and researchers who look to music for personal expression and to heal the healers. We were deeply moved by your performance, and will carry it with us to the clinics and laboratories.
October 23, 2014
Mark Tompkins / St Paul. MN
Anna...I was fortunate enough to sit in the second row at the Basilica in St. Paul for the Sinfonia presentation and witness something that was truly inspiring for a 56 yo man who suffered a tramautic brain injury 7 mo ago, and just yesterday had my 4th piano lesson here in St Paul
My mother has played since I was a child, and not one of her seven children ever took the time to learn. I am alive today by the Grace of God having lived through a horrible, death-defying, motorcycle accident, and have been blessed with a second chance at life.
I am determined to learn how to play 'this time', as I have tried on my own in the past.
Watching and listening to you from the second row was such a gift for me. My piano teacher was so jealous as she knows of you :)
I look forward to following your career and seeing you live again. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to play w the Sunfonia demonstrates how important it is to continue to give back some which you have been blessed with.
Godspeed to you Anna and hopefully one day I will be able to meet you personally and get you autograph
Blessings and Peace....Mark in St Paul